Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What is a post mail when you can have an email.

Email vs postal mail

The practice of sending and receiving emails is more popular than ever. Older generations would blame this on millennials laziness as they would say “Damm millennials”. However, there are many people who still prefer to communicate with others by using regular mail sent by way of their hometown post office. The thing is I honestly prefer email over postal mail. Yeah older generations might “I don’t expect much from a millennial.” The fact is that I prefer not to go through all that trouble when it comes to sending and receive mail. Going to my point. There is huge difference between Email and postal mail. There are several differences between email and postal mail Speed the is one of the best advantage of sending email is that it is much faster than writing a standard letter. Whereas regular mail can take from one to ten days to be delivered, email can be delivered within seconds. Though email is faster it still lacks protection like postal mail Computer viruses can sometimes be attached to unsolicited emails that you may receive. These can damage your hard drive and destroy your stored information. This poses no threat if you use regular mail. Email doesn’t have the distribution flexibility of postal mail You can send and receive packages, magazines, brochures and more via postal delivery but not by electronic mail. The difference most people would point out cost of email is zero as of postal mail you would have to pay things like shipping fees. Even though I prefer emails over postal mail, I still thing postal mail is useful for business places.


If a random person came over to you in the street, would you give him your personal information. Would you allow him to follow and record your activities? This is not the case when it comes posting online. The guest speaker we had in class Erik Hanberg spoke in detail about. I use Facebook for sports forums and memes for entertainment. I honestly would say I love people's post on social media when it is funny whether its Facebook or twitter etc. Today on the internet people have this extreme confidence behind their key boards, phones, tablets etc. when people post on the internet now a day’s people tend to post whatever online. Some would go up to the extent of posting very nasty comments, images which tend to be very insensitive to other beliefs whether they do not realize that every time they put something on the internet it doesn’t come of and it can be found by anyone. Erik Hanberg talked about his experience of posting things online where he had to answer I question about a post he made on the internet about a company he was interviewing for. I would think when he walked in to that room to look for a job he did not think of the possibilities of a post he made about a partner of a part of the company would affect his chances of getting employed. When I heard this story, it reminded me of a meme I saw on the internet posted below. This Image reminded me that when you post reminded on the web you must be careful because sometimes things you put on the internet could come hunt you in the feature just like Erik and also many other people in important positions who have lost their positions due to what the have post online. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Educate a black man.

What I want out of this class.

That seem like a very broad question. first of all I just want to say I love technologies now a days. The reason I took this class is to learn more about technology. I am information technology major prospect. I intend to declare my major after this quarter. I am taking this class because I am very interested learning more about different technologies most especially the web. I am one of those people that spend most their day on the internet whether ready about sports or entertaining myself. I aspire to become a web developer thats why I intend to major in information technology. Through the first week of the quarter I feel that the information we learning is what I am expecting for this class as a whole. I believe the internet is the greatest invention by the human kind. It is very cool to know that there is another world out there that we can find information from, entertain yourself. From what I expect from this class, I want to learning people of who have had an impact on our society through the use of technology, some of these figures I know but I want to learn in what ways have they had an impact on use of technology. I also want to experience what a glimpse of learning about technology. I am hoping to experience technology in a classroom. What I realize in the first week of class is there is more to the internet that I know of, I want to keep learning more and more to get me ready for major information technology.